Project Description

Product Description

CBL Combined Conductor Rail contains several single pole conductor rails. Each single body is produced individually. It is easy to make assmably in a small space due to less distance between two poles, side mounted or downward mounted. And it can be arbitrarily bent into the required curve, the minimum radius is 600m. The contact surface of conductor is semicircle for better contact with the carbon brushes. This device is designed for electric trolley, also suitable for various inspection lines, assembly lines and other production lines, as well as various special equipment, three-dimensional garages, etc., used for transmission of power and control signal.

Installation Instruction
conductor rail
conductor rail
  • Easy to assemble to multi-pole conductor rails
  • Standard length is 5m, shorter ones are available
  • Curves can be achieved, Min. radius is 600mm
conductor rail

Current Collector

  • Transmit current from the conductor to moving equipment
  • Can be assembled to multi-pole collectors
  • Wearing length of brush is 4-6mm

Item No.CurrentWeight
Item No.Current
BLCC-25(short arm)25A
BLCC-25(long arm)25A