Project Description

Product Description

MBL Insulated Conductor Rail is designed in accordance with standard of VDE0100, finger touch safe protection, the protection code is IP23. The shroud of the conductor is a superior insulator, giving best guarantee of the safe running for the whole moving system. Any number of single-pole conductors can be installed side by side in a small space. The standard length is 6m, shorter ones are availble as required. The ground conductor rail is identified by the international code green. For safety, current collectors for phase conductor and ground conductor are not interchangeable.

Data of Shroud
Standard Green Color ShroudHigh Temp. Shroud
Electric Properties30-40kv/mm45kv/mm
Specific resistance5 x 1015 Ohm x cm5 x 1017 Ohm x cm
Surface resistance1013Ohm1015Ohm
Leakage resistanceCTI600-1.1CTI600-1.1
Flexible strength75N/mm2 ±10%95N/mm2 ±10%
Tensile strength50N/mm2 ±10%50N/mm2 ±10%
Working temperature-30℃ – +55℃-30℃ – +110℃
Flame test protectionno flaming particles, self-extinguishingno flaming particles, self-extinguishing
Resistance to chemicalsgasoline,mineral oil,grease; Hydrochloric acid,caustic soda solution 25% and 50% surphuric acid to 50%gasoline,mineral oil,grease; Hydrochloric acid,caustic soda solution 25% and 50% surphuric acid to 50%
conductor rail

Conductor Code

M=unipole insulated conductor

15=shroud size

25=conductor cross sectional area(mm2)

Conductor Spacing

Compact hanger=18mm

Standard hanger≥25mm

Hanger with insulator≥50mm




standard length is 6m,short ones are available

Support Spacing

0.6m for straight run, 0.3 for curves


indoor used only

Engineering Data
Conductor TypeCross Sectional Area(mm^2)Leakage Distance of Covers(mm)Max.Voltage(V)Continuous Current Capacity(A)