Project Description

Product Description

UBL insulated conductor rail is designed according to national security requirements, and the outer shield covering the copper conductor is an excellent insulator, so our single pole insulated conductor rail ensures the protection stability during operation. Any number of conductors can be installed side by side in a small space. The standard length is 6 meters, and shorter length is available as required. The ground conductor is identified by the color yellow of national standard code. For security reasons, collectors for the phase conductor and ground conductor should not be interchangeable.

Data of Shroud

Standard Green Color ShroudHigh Temp. Shroud
Electric Properties30-40kv/mm45kv/mm
Specific resistance5 x 10^15 Ohm x cm5 x 10^17 Ohm x cm
Surface resistance10^13Ohm10^15Ohm
Leakage resistanceCTI600-1.1CTI600-1.1
Flexible strength75N/mm^2 ±10%95N/mm^2 ±10%
Tensile strength50N/mm^2 ±10%50N/mm^2 ±10%
Working temperature-30℃ – +55℃-30℃ – +110℃
Flame test protectionno flaming particles, self-extinguishingno flaming particles, self-extinguishing
Resistance to chemicalsgasoline,mineral oil,grease; Hydrochloric acid,caustic soda solution 25% and 50% surphuric acid to 50%gasoline,mineral oil,grease; Hydrochloric acid,caustic soda solution 25% and 50% surphuric acid to 50%

conductor rail

Conductor Code

U=unipole insulated conductor

12=shroud size

25=conductor cross sectional area(mm^2)

Conductor Spacing

on compact hangers 14mm or variable




standard length is 6m,shorter ones are available

Support Spacing

0.6m for straight sections, 0.3 for curves


indoor used only

Engineering Data

Conductor TypeCross Sectional Area(mm^2)Leakage Distance of Cover(mm)Max.voltage(V)Continuous Current Capacity(A)Resistance(Ohm/km)

Selection of Conductor

According to current load and environmental condition

for power supply, control and data transmission

for non-corrosive environment

for data transmission in corrosive environment